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Salon Chez Alison and Elena

Sadly no hairdresser however our ultra talented staff turned their hands at the craft


Due to there not being a hairdresser it was time to be creative. The residents always enjoyed having their hair done every week and used to love heading to the salon where Michelle worked her magic.  Here they used to have it washed, set or even permed, drink their coffee or tea, chat to each other turning it into a great social event. Therefore rather than the residents miss out Alison and Elena decided to turn their hand at hairdressing….

I don’t think they will win any certificates but it was great fun, lots of laughter especially when Alison fetched a red bowl because Joan said that is how her mother used to cut her hair. Others who tried the salon was Iris, Eirlys, Margo, Linda, Bett and Pat – brave ladies…….Ray even requested to have his head polished. Elena obliged and everyone laughed. Must admit it shone beautifully afterwards.

Next week the salon will be open again and due to the initial enthusiastic response we have a list of those who would like to chance a cut, wash and blow dry, or set. We think it might even be open to the staff as well……

The carers are also looking into colouring hair…….please relatives when you do come back into the home don’t be concerned if your loved ones hair is pink, green, purple or multicoloured.


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